About Us

Frog, v. -- To unravel something knitted
About Bookfrogger
A blog and podcast in which the Froggers discuss speculative fiction. Originally created in 2012 with a larger team, the blog was revitalized for podcasts in March of 2013, narrowing down the contributors and focusing on analysis rather than summary. 
Meet the Froggers
We're a trio, composed of one New Yorker, one Texan, and one Midwesterner: loud, spicy corn.


Tim: The Professor

Twitter: @timothyphin
Blog: the purple humanist
Geekitude: runs RPG games
Favorite Book: The Silmarillion
Favorite Author: Ursula K. LeGuin
Random Quirk: often communicates via show tunes

Red: The Jack

Twitter: @mredria
Reviews: on Goodreads
Geekitude: GMs on Furcadia
Favorite Book: Mistborn
Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis
Random Quirk: eats corgi paws

Rose: The Editor

Twitter: @wordfey
Blog: wordfey
Geekitude: member of the Mars Society
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings
Favorite Author: Octavia Butler
Random Quirk: can knit a uterus